Bohol Fishers Learn to Adopt Bangus Aquaculture Thru DA-BFAR VII Central Bangus Hatchery and Multi-species Nursery in Calape, Bohol

By Mary Ruth Ochavillo. Posted on MAY 14, 2024.

Calape, Bohol – In pursuit of sustainable income through Bangus aquaculture, 31 delegates from partner people’s organizations and local government units of the FISH Visayas Project in Bohol visited two aquaculture farms operated by the DA – Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DA-BFAR) Region VII on April 02, 2024. This visit served as a comprehensive training program, providing hands-on experience and knowledge to in particular to fishers about Bangus aquaculture practices and techniques.

The visit included an exploration of the DA-BFAR’s VII Central Bangus Hatchery, where participants had the opportunity to ask questions and gather insights on best practices for maintaining bangus optimal conditions such as environment, water quality, feeding, mortality rates, and unit prices of eggs, hatched eggs, and larvae. Mr. Randy Toston, Officer-in-Charge of the Central Bangus Hatchery in Barangay Panganan, Calape, Bohol, moderated this informative session.

Additionally, at the DA-BFAR Region VII Multi-species Nursery Demonstration and Training Center in Bentig, Calape, participants gained insights into purchasing fingerlings from suppliers like DA-BFAR and discussed the challenges associated with fish cage management. Participants were further informed of the mortality rate of 90% for Bangus Nursery. This high rate of mortality underscores the importance of adopting bangus aquaculture farms for fishers in their respective localities. Accommodating the project’s visit at the nursery was Mr. Stephen Leonard Quilario, Officer-in-Charge, and Mr. Warren Alcacida of the Multi-species Nursery Demonstration and Training Center.

The learning visit, facilitated by AFOS Foundation and the Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, successfully engaged representatives from the 11 partner people’s organizations and local government units in Alburquerque, Tagbilaran City, Ubay, and Pres. Carlos P. Garcia.

Notably, the learning visit provided valuable insights for the establishment of aquaculture farms in partner municipalities and people’s organizations. Subsequent to the activity, are site assessments and validation of the Bohol Provincial Fishery Office on the feasibility of establishing Bangus aquaculture farms in Ubay and Alburquerque, along with the implementation of a training program on Bangus aquaculture farming.

The POs and LGUs Learning Visit on Bangus Fish Cage Aquaculture Farm at BFAR Central Hatchery aims to achieve Result Area 1.5. of the FISH Visayas Project.