FISH Visayas Project Nurtures Digital Transformation Among Fishers in Siquijor thru e-Payments

Siquijor, Siquijor – Twenty-seven (27) fishers from the partner people’s organizations and officials in LGU Siquijor completed the Digital Transformation Training, a program conducted by the DTI Region 7 Siquijor Provincial Office and facilitated by the Siquijor Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (SCCII). The intensive session on August 03, 2023 aimed to equip fishers on from the people’s organizations of Ihalason Fisherfolks Association (IFA), Maite Resource Development Association (MRDA), Caticugan Farmers and Fisherfolks Association (CAFFA), and Siquijor Inland Fish Groomers Association (SIFGA) on digital transformation, in particular, the use of e-payment transactions.

Digital tools streamline processes, making operations more efficient. For people’s organizations in San Juan and Siquijor, this could mean convenience and security in financial transactions while reaching wider markets of their products. E-payment systems, such as mobile wallets and online payment gateways, simplify transactions for both buyers and sellers. It could also reduce the risks associated with carrying and handling cash. This is especially important for fishers who may work in remote areas. In addition, e-payments provide access to formal financial services for fishers who may not have easy access to traditional banks. This can help them save, invest, and access credit. Finally, digital transactions leave a digital trail, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent activities and promoting transparency in financial dealings.

Notably, the one-day intensive training was facilitated by Ms. Gemma Mansera and, Ms. Peachy Baquilta of DTI – Siquijor Provincial Office. At the same time, SCCII’s President, Mr. Arthur Chan, and FISH Visayas Project’s Area Coordinator for Siquijor and Negros Oriental, Mr. Reaan Gerald Osmond C. Catitig were also present ensuring the successful implementation of the training.

Ultimately, technological advancements such as e-payment bring transformative changes. Digital transformation through e-payments offers convenience, security, and financial inclusion, helping people’s organizations especially in San Juan and Siquijor overcome traditional barriers and participate more effectively in the economy.

*** The Digital Transformation Training for People’s Organizations aspires to achieve Result Area 1 “Training for Fishermen and MSMEs” of the FISH Visayas Project.